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Hua Ya Textile Co., Ltd. The second session of the Workers Games concluded successfully

Hua Ya Textile Co., Ltd. The second session of the Workers Games concluded successfully

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2012/11/23 18:40
From November 13th to 15th, 2012, Fujian Changle Huaya Textile Co., Ltd. has meticulously prepared and held a three-day “Second Staff Operation Games”. After 72 months, the 72 players who stood out for the "when should know" contest in the nearly one month participated in the two major projects including theoretical written examinations and practical operations. They were divided into clearing, carding, drawing, roving, spinning, spinning, and doffing. The seven processes from the network were intensely contested. After three days of intense and orderly competitions, one, two and three of each process were determined, and material rewards ranging from 500, 300, and 200 yuan were awarded and honor certificates were issued.
The Games successfully concluded at 4 pm on the 15th. Party branch secretary, labor union chairman Li Jianguo, general manager assistant Chen Qinglian, factory director Jianjun Cheng, and supervisors and managers, and all athletes attended the closing ceremony of the sports event.
Reviewing the three days of the competition day, the theoretical knowledge competition examines the employees’ professional theoretical level, and the actual operation reflects the actual workshop operation skills of the employees. The combination of the two can more effectively reflect the real level of the employees. . The actual operation site, along with the sound of the roaring machine of the workshop, the players shuttled beside the locomotives, whether the eyes and hands were in place, and whether the movements were normative, and the slightest difference could not escape the eyes of the referees. Some young athletes were slightly nervous due to lack of experience in the competition and failed to play their best; experienced players were poised, dexterous, coherent and beautiful. It is not only the skill level, but also the mental state and experience that are the key factors for the success of the competition. The final competitor will be quite strong in terms of theoretical quality, psychological quality, practical skills and experience. When the referee announces his achievements, he has been insisting for a long time. His feet do not stop and his hands do not stop. All the hard work and sweat have been rewarded! In order to encourage more employees to participate actively, all contestants have received exquisite gifts as rewards.
General Manager Assistant Chen Qinglian expressed her congratulations to all winning contestants when closing the speech. She said that this Operation Games reflects the overall quality of our company's employees and shows our new style of “comparison, learning, driving, helping and super” in the new era. All participating athletes strictly abide by the rules of the game, respect the referee, and obey the arrangement. , the game out of style, the game out of the level.
She pointed out that there will be four pairs of couples who will win the award. Everyone should applaud them and encourage them to stand on their own posts and continue to carry forward their achievements in order to bring more and more model couples together. It is hoped that all cadres and employees will use the east wind of the Games to work together to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. We must, on the basis of actively carrying forward the fine traditions, sum up and popularize advanced operating methods, enhance the atmosphere for operational training, and stimulate the greater enthusiasm of the employees. Creativity and enthusiasm for learning, catching up, and competing for excellence; researching new ideas and new methods that are suited to the needs of modern work; and continuously promoting innovative operational training and management methods so that our employees feel no burden in implementing new operational methods. It is not a means of making a living, but an active and conscious action that is positive and enjoyable and can bring rewards. It has cultivated more and more post technical experts, led efficient and high-quality production, and strived to realize the company's self-improvement. And strive for first-rate goals.
The runners sequel before and after the workshop and “stricken”, the atmosphere of the game is imminent.
Written test site, players calmly answer questions
At the scene of the rough process competition, the players were calm and self-possessed.
Referee "Strict Law Enforcement", Dual Test of Technology and Psychological Quality
Each process "champion" awarded honorary certificates and awards
4 pairs of husband and wife operators won prizes after winning
All contestants took photos together
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